Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kitchen Island - Wheelchair Accessible

Roger believes in re-purposing fine wood. In preserving quality. And in bringing back to value natural resources. Nothing is ever wasted in his world. 

So when the family of a handicapped child asked Roger to build a large kitchen island that would accommodate both the child's wheelchair and a place for elderly Grandma to sit and cut vegetables, Roger designed the unit pictured below. Obsolete machinery and equipment, parts Roger received from an out-of-business company, were about to be given new life.

The welded steel frame supports the cook's island on one side. The center steel leg on the other side supports the table surface for the child and grandmother.


After the family approved the heights and dimensions, Roger made the final welds. The picture above shows the refinished wood table top in progress.

If you are looking to accommodate a person with special needs, give us a call. Roger can take what you have, design a solution, and make life more enjoyable for everyone.