Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vega Engine-Block Island

Remember the Chevy Vega? One of the design objectives was to minimize weight, so the engine block was made out of aluminum.

And even though the last one rolled off the assembly line in 1977, Roger's dedication to valuing every resource has led to another masterpiece: an engine-block island bar. We thought you might like a glimpse of this work-in-progress ...

The base of this one-of-a-kind island bar is constructed from two Vega engine blocks set on a hand-turned maple base. A walnut band surrounds the base of the pedestal.

The pedestal will be painted to contrast the engine's color of "Ferrari Red.".

The island top has an oak butcher-block inlay surrounded by an 8 inch eating area made of walnut.
The four piston holes in each engine will serve as a wine rack. 

(Click on a pic for a larger view.)
For more information, give Roger a call at 828-439-3345.